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Jacob. 18 years old. I'm majoring in Finance and Accounting at Texas A&M University.

I'm addicted to many things in this world like:
Fast cars, Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Harry Potter, etc

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omg i almost pissed myself




omg i almost pissed myself

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It’s a brave new world

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Water is the element of change.
Earth is the element of substance.
Fire is the element of power.
Air is the element of freedom.

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my thoughts during school
  • me: why
  • me: i wonder when my teacher lost their virginity
  • me: what if a man with a gun walked in right now
  • me: whens lunch
  • me: the fuck is this
  • me: why are you here
  • me: can i kill all of you with one bullet
  • me: what if i locked all the girls in the locker room and made them fight to the death like the hunger games
  • me: what if i stood up on the desk and ripped off my pants
  • me: dont touch me i have more followers than you
  • me: ugh

the awkward moment when you see people you follow on tumblr on campus and you want to say something to them but you dont

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Slow down Katniss by 25% and what do you get? Will Ferrell.

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Meryl Streep accepting her third Oscar for The Iron Lady at the 84th Academy Awards (26 Feb 12)

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